Property News for Leicester (Lettings)

Interested in the latest lettings information for this area? Our market intelligence page tells you what you need to know, from average rental prices to how the supply of new property to let is changing over time. If you're thinking of making a property investment in this location you'll probably be interested in our 'demand for rental property' illustration, which shows the volume of tenants seeking property to let. Our market intelligence data is 100 per cent reliable and up-to-date, based on actual activity at our haart branch in the area.

Current Average Rental Prices

= £450

1 Bed Property = £428

2 Bed Property = £941

3 Bed Property = £888

4 Bed Property = £1,105

5 Bed Property = £1,915


Change in Rental Values

This graph illustrates how rental incomes in this area have changed over the last two years. The figures are based on the actual incomes achieved by haart Residential Lettings over this period. The graph is updated monthly so don't forget to visit this page on a regular basis to find out the very latest rental incomes.


Supply of rental Properties

This graph shows you how many new rental properties haart have been instructed to bring on to the lettings market on behalf of landlords over the last two years. This graph is updated monthly so be sure to visit again soon to see how the supply of new rental properties has changed.


Demand for Rental Properties

This graph illustrates the number of prospective tenants actively seeking property to let with haart in this location. The graph is updated on a monthly basis so if you want to see how demand for property to let is changing visit again soon, or alternatively talk to your local haart branch to find out more information.


Council Tax Bands for Leicester (Lettings)

Moving home or thinking about renting a property? Find out how much the council tax charges are going to be in this area.